Carpet Cleaning
Professional Measuring & Estimates

Down to Earth Rug Care provides the very best in commercial and residential rug and carpet care. We take exact measurements of the surfaces to be cleaned and provide you with a written price and time estimate.

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State-of-the-Art Equipment & Environmentally Safe Products

We clean for your health, not just for aesthetics and use only environmentally friendly, not-toxic, fiber rinses. These soap-free rinses have properties that will not attract new soil to your carpeting, unlike other rinses found on the market today. Our equipment consists of a highly sophisticated design that allows for maximum vacuum capabilities as well as a heat range from 140 to 240 degrees. Up to 70% of soiling is insoluble by liquid. Vacuuming, pre-spotting and degreasing techniques are critical.

We fine-tune our process to get the best results for your particular carpet. Because of our powerful equipment, your carpets are not only clean, but the colors are bright and lustrous once again.

Protecting Your Property

We take the time to ensure your property is well protected. This includes utilizing corner covers to protect furniture, and even your outdoor plants! We take the time to place your furniture on top of chips or blocks to prevent any damage that could occur from damp carpets.

The Process  —  Dare to Compare!

We will first turbo-vac your carpets and wand all the edges. We even move the furniture away from the walls and grab those hiding dust mites! Next, we pre-treat your carpets and power-wash your baseboards. This surfactant-free spray emulsifies the dirt from the fibers, and lowers the resistance for future cling!

Special Attention to Stairs...
Pre-spray Water Extraction Specialty Tools Professionalism

We bring out the big powerhouse next, the high-efficiency RX20! This injecting and extracting cleaning machine cleans 360 degrees around every carpet fiber and has the power of 3-5 other machines all in one! Great on even the deepest plush, and yet non-harming to the carpet backing where the glue resides. The cone-shaped rotator jet extractors spin at 700-800 revolutions per minute, while infusing the perfect PH-balanced cleaning solution.

We have made extensive and expensive modifications to our equipment in a effort to create the perfect cleaning scenario, including lowering the jets to hover even closer to the carpet fibers. Since heat is your friend during the cleaning process, this fact is critical. For every fraction of an inch you are away from the fiber, the more you lose temperature and cleaning power. And, we all know that soapy residue left on your carpet only attracts dirt like a magnet.

Our RX20 vacuum heads sit right behind the injecting cones which allows for 40% more extracting and drying power. You don't have to leave the house for hours afterwards to let your carpets dry and you can count on the results to endure!

The Results  -  Actual unaltered photo of our cleaning results. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Specialization in Urine and Odor Removal

We can clean the carpet on both sides if necessary and remove the pad.
We can also help you acquire any carpet and/or pad replacement.


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