Area Rug Cleaning

Down To Earth Rug Care also offers an off-site, secured central cleaning warehouse for all your fine area rugs cleaning needs. These gems are often heirloom and/or investment pieces, and we take “kid-glove” care of them. We will pick up, return and reinstall your area rugs at no additional charge. At the time of pick up we will take a complete historical inventory of your rug, documenting any problems and/or repairs that may be necessary. Our turn-around-time is typically one to two weeks until your treasure is back in your home.

Our area rug cleaning process is gentle, precise and labor-intensive. We remove loose dirt, lent and/or hair before the cleaning process even begins. Then, the rugs are fully water immersed and lightly hand-shampooed with a non-abrasive horse hair brush. We rinse and then repeat the shampoo process on the reverse side.

Next, we extract excess water and moisture and naturally air dry the rugs on our specially constructed drying racks. We do no use forced, hot air drying techniques as this can cause shrinkage and potential damage.

The pile of rug is groomed in the right direction while fringes, which are normally cotton, are protected via citrus shampooing, and hand brushing. Many others use hydrogen peroxide or bleach to clean fringe areas,  which can damage and even disintegrate the fringe.

We also offer area rug pads to prevent slippage and protect your investment, along with refringing and repairs.


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